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Park & Lex Choker Necklace

Park & Lex Beaded Choker Necklaces Have Finally Landed!

Each piece of Park & Lex jewelry is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, aesthetic, and individuality. As lovers of artisanal accessories, we know there's a special place in every jewelry box for beautifully handcrafted jewelry. 

From beaded bracelets to necklaces and earrings, Park & Lex crafts narratives of beauty and uniqueness with each piece. But today, our spotlight is on the recent buzz: our brand-new collection dedicated to beaded choker necklaces.

Park & Lex Choker Necklaces

Introducing a new line of accessories, especially when it deviates from your existing product line, is no simple task. But it becomes an exciting adventure when it's guided by a visionary like Dana, the founder of Park & Lex. 

We recently sat down with Dana, where she unveiled the inspiration behind this collection, her passion for introducing silver for the first time, and the challenges she overcame while making these enchanting beaded choker necklaces

With a profound understanding of her customers' needs, Dana has created a collection that echoes their love for the brand while bringing a fresh perspective to the table. The journey of developing this choker collection, from envisioning the concept to the trial-and-error beadwork, reflects her dedication to her craft. Keep reading for the Q&A:

What inspired you to create a collection focused specifically on beaded choker necklaces, and how does this new collection differentiate from your existing product lines?

My collections are often inspired by my customers, and this one's no exception. Because of their versatility, I love long necklaces, so that's why I've focused on them for so long. But I’m often asked by my clients about a shorter (choker) length. I’ve created custom chokers and dipped my toe into a few ready-to-wear pieces, and the response has been really positive. So I knew it was time for a dedicated choker collection.

In what ways have you been able to maintain the unique identity of each beaded choker necklace while keeping a cohesive feel to the collection?

The thing I’m most excited about is that this is the first time we’re introducing silver into a collection. Some chokers have silver accent beads and clasps, while others have our signature gold. If you already love our existing Park & Lex jewelry, then you'll find familiar color stories and styles, but the aesthetic has been adapted to accommodate the shorter length. So while these pieces are completely different, they're consistent with the colors and styles you’ve come to expect from the brand.

Park & Lex Choker Necklaces


What challenges, if any, did you face while developing this collection, and how did you overcome them?

The challenge was the introduction of a closure that would both function well and look right with the Park & Lex beadwork style. Until recently, we only offered necklaces and bracelets without closures because I love how the beadwork comes together seamlessly with nothing to distract from the gemstones. It wasn’t until we introduced earrings a few months ago that incorporating other elements became necessary.

This challenge resurfaced with a choker-length necklace. Because our beaded ropes are so dimensional, not just any closure will work. I wanted to make sure that the look and function of the clasps didn’t detract from the beadwork. Ultimately I decided on a large lobster clasp that would be proportional to the beadwork and easy to use. The chain facilitates easy function and also offers versatility of length.

What are some ways customers can style your beaded choker necklaces to best showcase their unique beauty?

Certain necklines - like collared shirts and v-necks - are especially nice with chokers. Chokers also look beautiful with a summer dress or tank top when longer necklaces feel too heavy. But they work equally well in cooler weather with a chunky cardigan or scoop-neck t-shirt. They’re great to layer, especially with one of our longer necklaces or any other beaded necklaces in your own personal collection.

How do you envision your customers incorporating these beaded choker necklaces into their personal style narratives?

I’m so excited to see the ways our customers will style these chokers! I’ve gotten to see so many customer photos of our longer necklaces through the years, so I’m really looking forward to being surprised, as I often am, by how personalized our jewelry can be.

Park & Lex Choker Necklaces

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories from the creation of this collection that you’d like to share?

The beading technique used for Park & Lex jewelry requires all the beads to be strung first, then stitched together one at a time into a rope-like cord. Each time we introduce a new type or size or length, I have to figure out the exact right number of beads and how they will be strung to achieve the desired result. 

Since I wanted to offer both “color block” and “ombre section” chokers, there was a lot of trial and error involved in determining the right ratios. There’s never one exact formula that can be used every time, but at least now there are benchmark numbers that can be used for this length necklace.

What role does/did customer feedback play in your design process, particularly for this collection?

As I mentioned earlier, customer feedback is entirely to thank for this collection. But there’s one specific anecdote I can share. As I was thinking about this collection and starting to experiment with different options, I received an inquiry from a new client about a custom piece. She wanted a very simple black and navy beaded choker necklace she could wear everyday. She also asked if she could have silver accents instead of gold.

This inquiry completely solidified my decision to launch a choker collection and introduce silver into the fold. It felt like a sign from the universe. When I shared the finished piece on social media, I received a lot of enthusiastic feedback, further confirming I was on the right track.

Are beaded choker necklaces a one-size-fits-all piece, or are there length options for different neck sizes?

Chokers are really difficult, because like belts, they have to fit snugly around a part of a person’s body that can range considerably in size. Our chokers have a chain closure, so multiple options are possible. If you need a custom size, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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