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It’s unusual for a mother and daughter to go into business together, let alone with a good friend, but here we are...

One afternoon, the three of us had a life-changing conversation over cafe lattes and Earl Grey teas in a coffee shop on Lexington Avenue. We talked about how we each had an innate need to make things and share them with others. We agreed that what really mattered was bringing a little more beauty and happiness to the world. And we felt our artistic sensibilities worked in unique harmony. 

We knew we could combine our passion and talents to create something extraordinary. We didn’t know it at the time, but that was the moment Park & Lex was born.

The name represents two parallel, consecutive avenues in our neighborhood in Manhattan, Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue. While these two thoroughfares never intersect, they exist simultaneously, and represent New York’s nuances beyond the neutral. The name just made sense--after all, it’s the city’s vibrant energy that fuels so much of our creativity.

Though we’re makers at our cores, we are really fulfilled by knowing we’ve made you, our customer, happy. We love what we do and hope you feel some of that excitement when you wear our jewelry!




Our Process and Materials

Our initial attraction to this business came from our love of colored gems and jewelry. Everything about gemstones - including their history, where they're found, and how they're fashioned and brought to market - has always had a special and exotic allure for us. 

We carefully choose our beads and cut stones primarily for their richness in color, but also for evenness in cut, and overall quality. Our long-standing relationships with vendors in New York City, who source their materials from all over the world, enable us to find exactly what we’re seeking. Anything we can’t find in New York can usually be acquired by traveling to trade shows around the country.

We perform all beadwork by hand in-house, stringing the beads and stitching them together one at a time using traditional techniques to create flexible cords and chains. Our gold components are hand-cast in 14K gold and finished by skilled artisans on 47th Street who help turn our vision into reality. Because of the hand-work involved and the natural variation of gemstone beads, no two pieces are ever identical, making each treasure uniquely yours.

We care about the world around us. We make as much as we can sustainable, and we do that one step at a time. In our world, jewelry is a "forever" item that should get passed down through generations, so it should be made with longevity in mind. Wearing a piece over time becomes part of that piece’s history. 

Our jewelry pouches are handmade and designed to keep the jewelry safe and protected. Our gold is recycled and sustainably sourced. We do our best to investigate where our gemstones are mined and cut, and we ask lots of questions in order to help the industry move towards full transparency. 

Many of our pieces are made to order, and nothing is ever mass-produced. Our production does not involve any shipping or traveling.