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Designing Custom Jewelry

Designing Custom Jewelry

Having beautiful jewelry is wonderful. But having a piece that no one else has, in colors that you love or that have special meaning to you, is magical, especially when you had a hand in creating it! Gifting someone jewelry in their favorite or meaningful colors is truly a gift from the heart. For these reasons, we love working with our clients on custom colorways.

Working together is so rewarding, and we can easily guide you through the custom jewelry process. Continue reading to learn more about some of our favorite custom collaborations.

The Layer Lover

Kathleen, who loves layering her jewelry, fell in love with a photo she saw on Instagram of our Gold and Beaded Gemstone Bracelets in amethyst and turquoise. She asked if it would be possible to use these two gemstones in one bracelet. She loved the style with a main color and a small section of a secondary color with gold accents. We agreed that turquoise should be the main color, and amethyst should be the accent. The result was a beautiful variation of something we already offered. 

Kathleen loved the bracelet so much she wanted more! And she asked for something completely different. 

She wondered if we could make her a beaded gemstone necklace like those in our Bleecker Street Collection, but with one accent section instead of two. We hadn’t tried that yet! 

She knew she wanted turquoise as the main color (a different shade from the bracelet) with pink and purple accents. We drafted a sketch to make sure we were creating exactly the style she wanted. Then we gathered all our pink and purple gemstone options, so she could choose her favorites; she loved them all! So she asked if we could combine colors within each section. Why not?!

The result was stunning, very different from our usual style, and has inspired us to start experimenting with some new designs.

The Ring Lover

Heather, who loves rings, wanted one of our Small Gold Open Hexagon Rings  with two alternating gemstones in a custom colorway. We sent her photos of many different gemstone options, so she could choose the ones she liked best. 

The result was fabulous. Her favorite colors are olive green and aqua. She chose olive green tourmaline and bright aqua apatite, creating exactly the combination she wanted!


The Pink and Grey Lover

We worked with Lisa, who wanted a gift for a friend and a piece for herself, on several projects, trying to find the exact right combination of pink gemstones with a grey accent in the style of one of our Bleecker Street Necklaces. (As a side note, we love pink too--it looks so beautiful in our bracelets and necklaces.) As she was pursuing our website, she fell in love with our Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Grey Onyx, Peach Quartz and Gold, but she wasn’t much of a bracelet wearer. She asked if we could use the same gemstones in a necklace. Of course! Once again, the result was beautiful. 

The Happy Customer

These collaborations and so many others have given us endless satisfaction, and our clients exactly what they want and need! Like Mike, who wanted a bracelet for his girlfriend’s birthday using her favorite colors (blue and green), so we made him one with lapis, jade and gold. Or Marlene, who saw her sister’s turquoise Gold and Beaded Gemstone Bracelet and had to have one too, but wanted her favorite gemstone in the clasp. The list goes on.

There’s nothing we love more than a happy customer.


Have your heart set on something special you don’t see anywhere on our website? Just ask! We’ll do everything we can to make it happen for you.

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