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Custom Bracelets for Bridesmaid Gifts

Custom Bracelets for Bridesmaid Gifts

What could be better than designing unique pieces for a bridal party using inspiration from the wedding color palette? From the time we started Park & Lex, we had the idea of working with brides on customizing jewelry for the most important day of their lives.

We thought pieces like our Beaded Gemstone Necklace or Beaded Gemstone Earrings would be stunning for the bride, and that our Gold Open Hexagon Necklace or Beaded Gemstone Bracelets would be incredible gifts bridesmaids could cherish for a lifetime. We were excited about the prospect of choosing beads and gemstones to coordinate with wedding outfits, either matching or made individually for each person as a very special keepsake.

But we were so busy with other things that our idea sort of went on the back burner.

Then, in July of 2021, my best friend got married. When she asked me to be her Matron of Honor I was deeply moved. I wanted to do something really special for her, something meaningful and tangible that she and I and others could have for years to come to remember this monumental occasion.

When I told her I wanted to make custom bracelets for the bridal party, she was ecstatic. (Her first question was, “You’ll make one for me too, right?”)

The idea was simple, but the details were less straightforward. Like so many other couples, she and her fiance had to keep pushing their wedding date due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns.

The color palette of the wedding changed dramatically from her first date (October 2020) to her final date (July 2021). The color scheme went from burgundy with a deep autumnal theme to light and dark pinks with creams and light greens. We understand the importance of choosing colors for a wedding, that colors can change the feeling of an event. Connecting our jewelry with the chosen color palette makes it that much more meaningful.

My friend wore a spectacular dress by the world-famous Indian designer Sabyasachi. It was hand-beaded and embroidered from top to bottom and shimmered with her every move. It was quite literally breathtaking. The groom and groomsmen wore cream, while the bridesmaids wore dark pink sarees with gold embellishments.

Once the date had been solidified, and the clothing had been chosen, I started designing. My friend and I looked at each style of bracelet and ultimately decided on a favorite. By choosing one main color with a secondary color and gold accents, we were able to highlight a couple colors from the overall theme. She liked the tones of our grey onyx and peach colorway because it was colorful but also soft. I totally agreed.

It was time to select the beads. First, I chose a light pink jade as the main color because it picked up both the light pink of her dress and the cream of the groom’s outfit. I then decided on cherry quartz as the accent color. Using a bright pink thread would make the cherry quartz look less red and more pink. I was happy with these choices but didn’t feel satisfied yet.

After all, these couldn’t be just any bracelets—they had to be extraordinary! So I added a tiny bit of light green jade within the gold sections to echo the pale green highlights in her dress.

The result was perfect. The gemstones picked up all the different tones we wanted to highlight. She loved the combination, and so did I (and they went perfectly with her dress).

The day of the wedding, just before leaving for the venue, my friend gathered her bridesmaids together. She opened a box with seven pouches inside and explained my gift. It was a beautiful moment!

Everyone loved the bracelets, which is all I really wanted. Of course, I'm her friend, but as a designer I'm always striving to make the recipients of our jewelry happy. Now, every time one of these women wears her bracelet, she will be transported to that room, that day, when we were all together celebrating such a happy occasion.

My friend left for her honeymoon a couple days after the wedding. I got a text from her while she was away with several selfies of her wearing the bracelet with the caption, “Your bracelet literally goes with everything I own.”

Mission accomplished.

Are you or is someone you know getting married? We would love to work together to design the perfect jewelry for yourself, your loved ones and your bridesmaids! Please contact us to inquire.