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Color Pairings and Astrology

Color Pairings and Astrology

Color + Astrology = Colorology!

For all three of us at Park & Lex, color is at the core of who we are. What brought us together when starting this business, second only to our love of jewelry, was our shared obsession with color. (See our brand story here.)

We may have different tastes, but we're all fueled by the colors we love. The homes we live in, wardrobes in our closets and art we create are defined by the color palettes and combinations that make us swoon.

We love pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones to find color combinations that are a little “outside the box,” and we often obsess to the point of near-insanity when choosing colors! 

We're fascinated by the meaning and psychology of color, how it makes people feel, and its universal significance throughout the world since ancient times. On days you need to feel calm, blue is the way to go, and on days when you need to feel a little extra love, pink might do the trick. It’s pretty amazing.

We've even coined our own term - "colorology" - a combination of the words "color" and "astrology". We began using this term amongst ourselves when doing our weekly Instagram planning in reference to any Stories or feed posts related to color and astrology. Though we have no recollection who used it first, “colorology”  immediately became part of our lexicon.


Astrology Love

Berti was always interested in astrology, so in the 1990s she began studying it in depth. Though she has never pursued it professionally, Berti has helped guide others regularly by reading birth charts and looking at current planetary set-ups in relation to the chart to help those people make sense of their path in life.

More personally, Berti is the Park & Lex chief executive astrologer! Her deep insights into larger planetary set-ups and our personal natal charts help us keep everything balanced. We're so fascinated by astrology that we feel compelled to share with you--see our Stories on Instagram for monthly tips and thoughts.


Symbolic Jewelry Styles

Most people know that colors are often associated with certain traits, emotions or ideas, but some aren't aware of the fact that colors also correspond to each astrological sign. Astrological color pairings are a fun way to look at the zodiac, and they allow us to offer an astrological spin on our jewelry without using symbols.

We sometimes create pieces with a specific sign in mind, using the sign's color palette as inspiration. (You can see the process of making these pieces on our Instagram Reels.)

On our homepage, you will find our Colorology feature, spotlighting our limited edition zodiac bracelets and a curated color collection for each sign. (See the curated collection here.) 


Here’s a sneak peek of our favorite color combinations for each sign:

Aries - Crimson red, orange and yellow

Taurus - Spring green, pink and brown

Gemini - Bright yellow, green and orange

Cancer - Midnight blue, white and silvery grey

Leo - Royal purple, orange and golden yellow

Virgo - Earthy brown, green and peach

Libra - Pale turquoise, light pink and lavender

Scorpio - Rich black, burgundy and purple

Sagittarius - Saffron orange, purple and blue

Capricorn - Cool Grey, navy blue and tan 

Aquarius - Deep Turquoise, violet and blue

Pisces - Seafoam green, lavender and pink


What We Love

We want the pieces we make, collections we curate, and information we provide to inspire and empower you. By wearing a piece of jewelry in a color connected to your astrological sign, you will hopefully be inspired to show the world your best self.