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2022 Highlight - Custom Handmade Jewelry for Unique Handcrafted Gifts!

2022 Highlight - Custom Handmade Jewelry for Unique Handcrafted Gifts!

Last year was a stellar one for Park & Lex! We got to connect with so many customers by making their colorful customized jewelry dreams come true. Dana designed and created some truly amazing custom handmade jewelry pieces, which were enjoyed as gifts as well as for special self purchases.

Keep reading this blog post for a look at some of our favorite custom jewelry projects of 2022. Perhaps they'll inspire you to start the custom design process as well!

Highlights in Handmade Custom Jewelry

Dana enjoys so many things about designing one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces that are unique to her clients. She says, "First, I love a challenge. When a client has an idea I haven’t tried before, whether it's a color combination or design, it pushes my creativity to new heights. I also genuinely love making someone’s vision a reality. Color, design, even jewelry in general, are all so subjective. Creating the 'perfect' piece for someone actually feels like magic."

These are her top three custom handmade jewelry favorites from 2022:

1. Amethyst Necklace With Rainbow

This unique handmade necklace is long enough to wear doubled but also looks amazing when worn long. Dana chose the colors for the rainbow-colored section very carefully. The client didn't care for green, so Dana used it sparingly and instead added several different shades of magenta at each end to enhance the amethyst through contrast.

Amethyst Necklace With Rainbow
2. Labradorite Necklace With Turquoise

This handmade custom jewelry piece features labradorite beads with a special section in shades of turquoise, soft blues and gold. The client reached out to Dana after seeing an Instagram Reel where Dana had been experimenting with these colors and a mirrored pattern in a bracelet. She asked if Dana could use the same colors and design for a necklace, and the result was even more stunning than Dana could have imagined!
Labradorite Necklace With Turquoise
3. Bracelet and Necklace With White Tibetan Agate and a Bright Rainbow

The client for this custom bracelet and necklace set first ordered the bracelet as a gift for her daughter in law. When she received it, she was so happy with the outcome that she ordered a necklace to match! The recipient of this incredible gift has since messaged Dana to say how much she loves the set and that she's been wearing the pieces nearly every day since receiving them!
Bracelet and Necklace With White Tibetan Agate and a Bright Rainbow 

Get Your Own Handmade Custom Jewelry Gift

Have you been toying with the idea of investing in a unique handmade necklace or other custom handmade jewelry piece for 2023? These treasures are appropriate for nearly every occasion. In fact, nothing feels quite as special as having something no one else has, something that's uniquely yours. Creating a custom design for yourself means you can have it exactly as you want it. Similarly, creating something for a loved one with their favorite colors, or colors that are meaningful to you both, is the ultimate gesture of thoughtfulness.

Share Your Vision for Handmade Jewelry Designs

Some of our clients say the most challenging aspect of sharing their vision for a custom piece may be knowing how to best communicate it. Finding the right words can be difficult. In that case, visual aides are usually very helpful. One of Dana's all-time favorite custom orders began as a request to create a necklace inspired by frangipani flowers! The client sent Dana a mood board of photos as well as her desired color palette with the hope that Dana could evoke the feeling of these vibrant flowers. It was so inspiring!

But this kind of detail isn’t at all necessary for a customized, handmade jewelry design. Describing the color palette you want or pointing to existing pieces in the ready-made Park & Lex collection are excellent ways to start.

To start the customization process, simply reach out to Dana with your initial vision, even if you've only formed a partial idea of what you'd like. As mentioned above, Dana loves a challenge, so no project is too complex or daunting. Contact Dana here.