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Jewelry for National Color Therapy Month

Jewelry for National Color Therapy Month

Have you ever thought about the way color influences your mood or even your life? You may not have realized it, but color can have a powerful effect on your emotions and state of mind.

I only recently discovered that March is National Color Therapy Month. Although I love learning about the meaning of colors and their emotional effects, I didn’t know much about color therapy until I heard about this annual event. National Color Therapy Month was founded in 2011 by Eleyne-Mari to raise awareness about using color to change personal energies. Her mission is to globally share the positive effects of color therapy on one’s life.

Eleyne-Mari, a certified color therapist, believes in the motto: “Change your colors…and you change your world!” I couldn’t agree more. Color is integral to everything in my life; I’m miserable sitting in a room painted a color I don’t like, and conversely I feel invigorated in places filled with bright and cheerful colors. I have favorite colors I return to over and over again because they make me feel good. When designing anything–from a piece of jewelry to a room in my home–I agonize over the slightest variation in tones. For me, colors aren’t right until they’re exactly right!

Ironically, for someone so obsessed with color, I come from the old-school New York philosophy of fashion: wear black and you can never go wrong. Though that has changed significantly over the past couple decades, I still find myself dressing mainly in black and other neutrals like grey and white. They provide an easy backdrop for colorful jewelry; a plain black top is what my mom and I call the perfect canvas.

I was wearing colorful jewelry and accessories long before I began making them myself. Colorful jewelry makes me feel happy; it allows me to keep the basics of my wardrobe simple while satisfying my changing moods easily.

The effects of color are twofold: first, colors make you feel something internally when you look at them; second, colors symbolize certain traits or moods, which you can choose to project to others externally. 

Blue, for example, is many people’s favorite color, possibly because it can cause the body to release calming and tranquil chemicals. The color blue also symbolizes all kinds of positive traits such as freedom, imagination, integrity, and confidence (to name a few). Blue looks good with almost everything! Our Beaded Gemstone Necklace: Ocean Blue Ombre, Lapis and Gold combines a beautiful array of blue gemstone beads to soothe the soul while enhancing your creativity and self-expression.

Purple is another calming color, perhaps because of its blue component. But purple is also very powerful, symbolizing royalty, wisdom and luxury. Because purple does not often occur in nature, it’s considered exotic and mystical. Some days we want to stand out proudly in a crowd, and this would be the day to wear purple. Our Gold and Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Amethyst and Champagne Sapphire is a stunning way to grab someone’s attention while still looking refined and elegant!

Pink is one of my favorite colors, even though I would never be described as “girly.” Pink can be a calm and relaxing color, evoking tenderness and romance. It’s associated with friendship, femininity, kindness, and perhaps most importantly, universal love of oneself and others. Our Beaded Gemstone Necklace: Rose Quartz, Labradorite and Gold is the perfect way to put some love into your ensemble. What better vibe to put out into the world? 

Brown isn’t what most people usually think of as a “pretty” color, but its effects are undeniably positive. Brown is the color of warmth, evoking feelings of security, nurturing and dependability. As a color of nature, it’s also associated with people who are “solid as a rock” and down-to-earth. Our Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Tiger Eye and Gold will make you feel warm and secure every time you wear it.Some days you feel everything all at once. You want to embody everything the full spectrum represents: passionate red, adventurous orange, joyful yellow, revitalizing green, tranquil blue, creative indigo luxurious violet, pure white and mysterious black. Or maybe you’re seeking to put your feelings in perfect harmony. On these days, our Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Rainbow and Gold is the thing to wear.