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3 Fashion and Jewelry Tips for Summer-to-Fall Style

3 Fashion and Jewelry Tips for Summer-to-Fall Style

In New York City (and in many other parts of the world), the weather throughout September and October can be very unpredictable as the city adjusts from summer to fall. You could leave your house bundled up in a sweater and coat only to find yourself sweating by lunchtime. 

During this very confusing time of year, you may be wondering, "What should I wear?" And what role should accessories play in your transitional wardrobe? We're here to provide you with some style tips for the most awkward time of the year.

Layers, layers, layers

You've probably heard it many times before, but there's nothing better than dressing in layers while summer transitions into fall. Start the day with all your layers and slowly shed them as temperatures get warmer.

Layers can be especially fun, since they allow for the mixing and matching of texture and color. If you love fashion and style, then you can really make the most of your wardrobe with layers. 

But the art of layering doesn't come naturally to all people. When you layer, you want to try mixing soft and heavy textures and mixing up the fabrics. Sticking with two colors is a conservative rule to keep your layers coordinated. Only wear one bulky piece, like a coat, vest or chunky sweater. Regardless of how you layer, beaded gemstone necklaces will work with any ensemble, making them a transitional style staple.

Consider the cuffs

We love a shirt that can transition from long sleeves to a rolled or pushed-up sleeve look. Button-down shirts are perfect for work or even for a casual day on the town, and they can be worn with jeans, dress slacks, or even a skirt with tights. Some people don't like wearing bracelets with long sleeves, especially when cuffs are tight on the skin, but you could also keep a few beaded gemstone bracelets in your purse for when your wrists get some air. Long necklaces look especially beautiful styled under a collar.

Ignore the rules

You've likely heard style rules, like "don't wear white after Labor Day", and you may even feel silly sporting a t-shirt in October. But the weather wasn't built for rules, and you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable in any given situation. 

Beaded gemstone jewelry looks just as appropriate with a sweater as it does with a lightweight cotton blouse, so you never have to worry about switching from warm-weather to cold-weather wardrobe when it comes to your accessories. Keep them in your jewelry box all year long! 

What's your favorite way to tackle transitional style? Do you have a go-to combination when it comes to your layers? Are there certain accessories you like to utilize at this time of year? We'd love to see your outfits. Tag us @parklexnyc on Instagram, and we'll be sure to share your photo!

You can always reach out if you're envisioning a custom colorway for fall, or you're not sure how to style your new piece of Park & Lex jewelry. We're here to help!