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Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Cancer Colors

CANCER (JUN 21 - JUL 22)

It’s no surprise that a Cancer color is midnight blue. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so this zodiac sign is at home in the night sky. Midnight blue represents trust and loyalty, attributes paramount to our Cancer friend. Cancers value fidelity above all else! Midnight blue is also the color of deep emotions which is a defining Cancer trait. But though a Cancer may be feeling something deeply, her hard outer shell protects her emotions, keeping them hidden safely inside.

White, the color of protection, and silver, the color of sensitivity and illumination, are also powerful Cancer colors.

  • Lapis, assorted white, grey and blue gemstones and 14k yellow gold-filled beads 
  • Due to the nature of gemstones there may be slight variations
  • Our bracelets are handcrafted in New York City
  • Size S/M is ready to ship; larger sizes ship within 2-3 weeks

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  • $190.00