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Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Virgo Colors

VIRGO (AUG 23 - SEPT 22)

Although brown isn’t typically considered glamorous, its deeper meaning makes it the perfect Virgo color. Solid like the earth, brown represents strength, reliability, and sincerity. Virgos are one of the most dependable and sincere of all the zodiac signs, making them valued teammates, employees, and friends. Brown is also the color of comfort and warmth. Since our Virgo friend often dedicates her life to the care and service of others, brown is definitely her color!

Green, the color of health, and peach, the color of friendship and caring, are also powerful Virgo colors.

    • Tiger eye, assorted gemstones in green and peach and 14k yellow gold-filled beads
    • Due to the nature of gemstones there may be slight variations
    • Our bracelets are handcrafted in New York City
    • Size S/M is ready to ship; larger sizes ship within 2-3 weeks

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    • $190.00