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Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Sagittarius Colors


Saffron orange is an obvious color choice for the fiery Sagittarius with her fall birthday. This deep orange is the color of extroversion, social communication, and lack of inhibition, many of the traits also associated with our Sagittarius friend. (A lot of talk show hosts are Sagittarians!) Saffron is also the color of adventure, which is a Sagittarian's middle name. She loves to travel and explore, bravely seeking new and exciting experiences.

Purple, the color of encouragement, and blue, the color of honesty, are also powerful Sagittarius colors.

    • Carnelian, assorted gemstone beads in purple and blue 
    • Due to the nature of gemstones there may be slight variations
    • Our bracelets are handcrafted in New York City
    • Size S/M is ready to ship; larger sizes ship within 2-3 weeks

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    • $190.00