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Beaded Gemstone Bracelet: Gemini Colors

Available only during Gemini Season (May 20-June 20)

Our yellow Gemini bracelet with green and orange accents is meant to remind you of your ability to make people laugh, communicate easily, and light up every room!

These hand stitched beaded bracelets glide onto your wrist and add just the right amount of color, texture and sparkle to every ensemble. Don't worry if you can't choose just one--they look best when stacked!

    • All our bracelets are one size 
    • Due to the nature of gemstones there may be slight variations
    • Our bracelets are handcrafted in New York City
    • Ready to ship

    Our bracelets feel a little snug at first, but go on easily if you roll them over the widest part of your hand. If you need a custom size please contact us.

    If you are interested in custom colors or multiples, please let us know! See Customer Service for more information.
    • $125.00