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From Inspiration to Collection

Our pieces are completely handmade in New York City.

Our ideas begin as sketches, often frantically put on paper over cafe lattes and earl grey teas. The rough drawings are translated into digital images by a local artist. Gold components are then hand-cast in 14k and finished by skilled individuals who are able to help turn our vision into reality. Often, we design gold components to accommodate certain production challenges; many iterations may be tested before they can be considered a success.

We carefully select all our gemstone beads and faceted stones, garnered from all over the world, for their richness in color and evenness in cut. All beadwork is done by hand in-house. We string the beads and stitch them together one at a time using traditional techniques to create flexible cords and chains. All cut gemstones are set into bezels and prongs by our meticulous finisher.