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Park & Lex was conceived in late 2015 during an impassioned conversation between Laura McCurdy, Dana Fiddes and Berti Freed over cafe lattes and earl grey teas. Their shared obsession for color, especially combining color in unusual ways, and beaded jewelry ignited a creative spark, and they knew they had something new and different to offer. They named the brand Park & Lex as a nod to the two vibrant avenues in New York City where they imagine they crossed paths many times before knowing each other. This vibrant city energizes and inspires them.


Laura is the Traditional Rebel. While she has long worked as a professional graphic designer, her other passions have always included jewelry making, needlepointing, sketching and sewing. She is a 7th generation New Yorker, but prefers to drive her Subaru station wagon around the countryside in her boots and jeans. She loves anything and everything with a pattern and will put chintzes and geometric prints together whenever she can.

Dana is the Practical Eccentric. She is an expert beader, knitter, crocheter, teacher, book author, and designer, and has turned these passions into a career. She is compulsively punctual, but loves to wander the streets of New York City for hours with no particular destination. Though she might be wearing an entirely black outfit, you can be sure she is sporting hot pink tie-dyed socks inside her shoes.

Berti is the Park Avenue Bohemian. She is a master beader, knitter, crocheter, needlepointer, seamstress, and jeweler. Together with Dana, she co-authored the bead crocheter’s “bible,” Bead Crochet Jewelry: An Inspired Journey Through 27 Designs. She works at her dining room table or from her carved wooden bed while yelling at the television, and is known to sit in her colorful tartan-covered Queen Anne chairs while sipping a fountain soda from McDonald's. (She also happens to be Dana's mom.)